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    Amna Sohail - Mathematics

    Amna has a passion for Mathematics and enjoys teaching the subject. She is very approachable and always looking forward to help students in all possible ways.

    She teaches at Cedar College, and has taught in several prestigious institutes such as Nixor College and the IBA Karachi.

    She did her Bachelors in mathematics and Economics from IBA Karachi. She has also attended workshops and training from Cambridge University and Cambridge Professional Development Program.

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    Scott Sinclair - Physics

    Scott comes from a family that has been teaching for generations.  Explaining complex ideas in simple and practical ways comes to him naturally. He loves teaching Physics at EdNext.

    He has worked in senior positions, managing multi discipline contracts at the highest level. He moved to Dubai in 2005 and has been involved in construction disputes and defects liability management.

    He is  a qualified a Civil Engineer, and lives physics every day.

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    Sara Dewan - Chemistry & Psychology

    Sara teaches Chemistry and Psychology at EdNext.  She is passionate about e-learning and looks forward to instilling real understanding of the subjects taking students on a learning journey beyond exams and grades. 

    She has previously taught in schools, tutored O & A-level students, worked as psychologist in different institutions including The Fountain House, and Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

    She did BS(Hons.) in Psychology and Education from Forman Christian College University.

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    Zara Asif - Biology

    Zara is teaching biology at EdNext. She is hardworking and passionate and aims to provide her students with the best content online for their upcoming exams. 

    She has previously taught in the LUMUN Social responsibility program and was part of the peer teaching society in her school throughout her A-levels. 

    She scored exceptionally well in her O-levels and A-levels and has always performed well in academics. She will provide the students with great tips and resources for managing their grades as well as saving time. Being a student herself, she knows the challenges students face while studying in everyday life and wants to promote their solutions through e-learning!

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    Waqar Hasan - Business Studies & Commerce

    Waqar teaches Business Studies and Commerce. He is a passionate entrepreneur who believes teaching and mentoring to be an essential element of business management.

    He founded his property management company in Dubai in 2010 and has been heading it ever since. He has now counted amongst industry experts in UAE. He has been a judge in the first gulf real estate awards 2017, has spoken as an expert at webinars, workshops, and conferences. He is also appointed as Dubai Real Estate Ambassador.

    He did his bachelors in business administration from IBA Karachi. He currently holds several designations in the field of Real Estate Management.

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    Ashley Foy Tervoort

    Ashley Foy Tervoort was born and raised in the United States of America. After spending her late teens in Germany, she studied German and English at Central Connecticut State University (Bachelors) and Tufts University (Masters) while also earning an advanced American TESOL certificate. 

    Ashley has been teaching English since 2005, and German since 2009. In 2017 she became a certified university lecturer in the Netherlands, where she has lived since 2014. Ashley has taught at a wide range of institutions, including (but not limited to) the German School of Connecticut, Tufts University, Berlitz Language Institute, The English Center (Amsterdam), the European School (Bergen), The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Wittenborg University.

    In 2020 she began to expand her own small English school by creating an online learning community called "International Yankee English". Learners can find a wealth of free material including video lessons on YouTube, conversation classes on Zoom and support via a private Facebook group. Affordable membership subscriptions providing access to Ebooks + online courses and private lesson packages are available as well. 


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    Azhar Saeed - Chemistry

    Azhar is teaching Chemistry at EdNext. He is an experienced academic having completed his Masters in Organic Chemistry which grants him the capacity and a firm understanding of the subject.

    He has previously taught in reputable O level schools such as the City School and Falcon House Grammar School.

    Azhar is a certified O and A level teacher attaining multiple certifications from prestigious institutions such as the Oxford University Press and Cambridge Assessment International Education. 

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    Muhammad Yasir Arafat - Physics

    Muhammad YASIR ARAFAT teaches Physics and Additional Mathematics at EdNext. He is looking forward to e-learning as the new medium of sustainable education. 

    He has been teaching O / A Levels for 10 years. He has worked with Ghulaman e Abbas School, BVS Parsi High School and Civilizations Public School. He is currently working with several international institutions. 

    He attained multiple Certifications from Aga Khan Examination Board, Teachers Resource Center and Career Ladder. He also worked as Examination Marker in AKU.EB.!

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